Hungry to exercise

1st smallfeather

Despite having completed the 12 week programme at U-kinetics around 6 weeks ago, I have been able to maintain weight loss.  I’m not enjoying being car less – the impact on how I led the life I had has been difficult to manage at times.  Exercise had become a consistent form of feel good for me. Being the relative proactive button I am, I’ve scoured the internet for rental exercycles in my region and have come up empty.  Every bike I’ve looked at has a weight restriction that’s 35-40kg less than what I currently weigh.


Friday morning I meet with a Physical Activity Educator (PAE). It’s a half hour appointment / assessment. I am unsure what sort of service the PAE can provide for me.  I do hope that the gym in the town closest to me is pretty well stocked with equipment for me to mash out on.

I now weigh 166.9kg.  As Kaiwhakaora Kai stated – I’m back on track.