Rose & Thorne

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Something momentous occurred during April. Memoirs of a Māori posted a video of herself at a store looking for bras her size.  In NZ, it went viral – even ending up on the National News.  The very next day, I read that a lingerie company in Auckland flew her to them, decked her out in bras and then flown her home again!  I learned whilst reading this great story that the young woman was a G-cup.  My eyes practically bulged outta their sockets. I’m a G-cup.  A 24G to be precise.

Naturally my fingers flew to Google to see if Rose and Throne had an online store – they do!  I also saw in the search results they have a  Facebook page which I made a mental note to visit after I’d seen their online store. Well, the entire online trip was like a roller coaster ride.  A huge high to learn the young woman was a G-cup and kitted out in bras from a place in Auckland and then seeing they had an online store!  The low came when after entering my bra size into the search bar, seeing they don’t have anything my size!  Man I was gutted!

Miserable and peeved, I reluctantly headed on over to their FB page, where I too left a comment expressing my sadness at discovering they had nothing my size.  Well, it turns out they did.  I was told that they generally do not list the DD-G cup range to their online store.  I didn’t ask why because the very next sentence was along the lines of them having some bras that I could be interested in and would I PM them my postal address.  I did.  And they sent them saying $20 each, ignore the price tag.

Alright, speeding this up.  The bras arrived.  Imagine my disappointment to see that only one of the bras were a G-cup.  Another was an F and the other an E-cup.  I tried on the G-cup. No go.  It was not big enough in the cup.  Fuck I was gutted and didn’t bother trying on the F or E-cup bras.  I did actually slump into a semi depressive state for 3 days.

Rose and Thorne messaged me after the long weekend asking how I went with the bras. Before I replied I decided I better try them on so I could at least be honest in my reply to them.  Well spank me on a Sunday!  The E-cup fitted .. like perfectly.  And before you go on about it being a different style etc it wasn’t.  It’s the same bra and same colours as the G-cup that was too small.  Encouraged I decided to try on the F-cup which is a different styled bra and that one fit perfectly as well.

I went into the bathroom to have a look because I couldn’t fathom why the E and F fitted yet not the G.  I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.  I actually looked at myself in the mirror and for the first time in my ENTIRE life, I felt desirable.   And then while I was perving at myself I thought “shit. if I can look at myself and feel desirable then maybe one day someone will look at me that way again”.

And then I started crying and before I knew it I was sobbing my guts out.  The sun rising in my thoughts that allowed me to see myself – no, to feel desirable, knocked me for a six.  I howled on and off for hours. I had a lot going on in my mind that isn’t for this particular journal, to process.  I came to the conclusion that I needed to forgive myself for some of the fuck awful things / experiences I have endured and paid heavily for due to zero ability to feel good about myself.

I messaged Rose and Thorne back telling them of my experience in the mirror and having found myself feeling desirable for the first time ever etc.  I was asked if they could share my message with their founders and design team.  I said yes.  They were touched and moved by my story / sharing in the private message.

Around two hours later, once the news began to sink in that I now finally owned 3 pretty bras I got a pair of scissors and cut the tags off to make it official!  They were mine!

I wrote back to Rose and Thorne letting them know I’d just cut the tags off and seen the price and as a thank you, I would be letting everyone know about their online store, their physical store (in Auckland) and their second to none customer service.  I’ve told you gentle reader – it’s on you to share the word among your friends now.  I told a sister during the week and we both ended up bawling together.  I told another sister yesterday.  I got so many more people to tell.