Ko Te Maipi raua ko Tararua oku maunga

I descend from the mountains of Te Maipi & Tararua

Ko Kaihoata raua ko Hokio oku awa

I descend from the rivers of Kaihoata & Hokio

Ko Takitimu raua ko Kurahaupo oku waka

I descend from the waka (sea vessel) Takitimu & Kurahaupo

Ko Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa raua ko Muauupoko oku iwi

Ngati Kahungunu & Muauupoko are my bones

Ko Te Ataarangi taku ingoa – My name is Te Ataarangi

I’ve been fat my entire life.

A combination of genetics, prolonged childhood rape and beatings that continued well into my adult life, a narley drug addiction, multiple suicide attempts, mental distress, gender identity distress, sexual orientation distress and chronic fear (feeling unsafe) regarding the culture I most identify with (Maaori) – ensured I stayed fat.

I hit a new low in 2014/5.  I reached 204kg.  It was decision time – did I want to live, or was I going to continue down the pathway of passive suicide – just biding my time until my body gave out on me.

It’s a long story – a very complex multi-layered story that I’m unsure I’ll ever be able to tell in it’s entirety.  So this blog is used primarily as a space to update achievements, process and occasionally a chapter of the actual story.

Appreciate the space.

E tuu whakaiti nei – I stand in humility.


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