KFC mode

Binge eating.  Hard out.  I may have only just got that last 5 week binge sorted when I had a major shock last weekend that enabled me to launch into another binge.

I’m managing / limiting my food options by keeping the fridge and cupboards pretty bare of food.  It’s the going out thing that’s driving me nutty.  I continually choose to head to KFC’s drive thru.  After speaking with Kai Whakaorakai about the chicken fest’s I go on, I came to decide that the cheaper option would be to buy frozen whole chickens and roast them myself – and then eat a whole one every fucking day if I believe I need to.

Cheaper – yes.

Better for me than KFC and other cooked chook – yes.

Pissed off the person who facilitated the disordered eating group I went to two years ago will not call me back.  I’ve called twice over 3 weeks.  Both times I’ve been told she’ll call me back.  Really?  Another so called professional I’ve lost respect for.  Another kick to the gut that says “see? told you – you can’t trust or rely on anyone to be honest and / or truthful.  gotta do everything – e.v.e.r.y thing myself”.

One thing I’m no longer shy about – is letting people know what I feel, think and believe about their alleged “professional” service to me.