Falafel monsta

1st smallfeather

In terms of my disordered eating, I wolfed down a cooked chook in no more than 20 minutes Sunday early evening.  Today, I’m more back on track with myself.  Last night I baked the last batch of Falafel I made on Saturday.  I created another large salad and had that for dinner.  I so freaking enjoyed it.  I’m very disappointed that  have no  more chick peas to be able to make more Falafel for tonight.

Up’n’Go was on special last week at Pak’n’Save.  2 1L cartons for $5.  It’s been ages since I’ve been able to justify spending money of Up’n’Go.  x2 for $5 I could do.  Came at the right time too as I haven’t made Hot Chocolate for breakfast for days now.  Was growing tired of the same old same old.  When the Up’n’Go is all gone, I’ll be okay about taking up the Hot Choc again.  I’ve also had a Banana.  Clueless as to what I’m making for dinner.  I’m thinking Poached Eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms on toast – maybe some cheese too.