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Pineapple heft mere mmmMMmmm

I bought a Pineapple last week (or maybe even the week before).  Had begun to notice it was smelling a wee bit in the fridge.  I’ve looked at it more than a zillion times since placing it in the fridge.  Well finally, today, I found the courage to not only lift it out of the fridge, to also cut into it, slice it and peel it.  I studied it for a bit and smelt it and then I put a piece into my mouth.  OMFG!  It is so delicious!  I WAS so delicious! I gobbled down the other 4 pieces I’d cut and then put the rest of the Pineapple back into the fridge.  Can’t wait to have some more later!

Have written to Kai Whakaorakai sharing my excitement with her.

Hah!  Sorry my Goat! – you’re so not getting the Pineapple now my love!