Gym 2017

1st smallfeather

Last week I completed a 12 week cycle of being at the gym x1 a week under a programme run by the PHO.  The last session was an assessment and I’m rather blown away by one of the results in particular.

As of the 5th of Dec 2016, my BMI is now 51.9 kg/m2.

On the 16th Nov 2015, my BMI was 57.14 kg/m2 AND I weighed 175 kg.

Beginning the 9th Jan a group is kicking back in for 2017 where I have been invited to participate in.  I can attend the gym 3 times a week, do my programme and leave.  I can only be there between 9-10am so I’m gonna have to motor it to get through my programme and out the door in an hour.  I am very excited to have been invited to this group.  It’s $2 per session.  What this means in the bigger scheme of things is that I just have to take care of the extra petrol and not ridiculous gym fees on top of that.  Yes!


My gym goal for next year I to be able to do a series of press ups from off the floor.  At the moment, I am doing them off a wall at the gym, and at home, from my kitchen sink bench.  Oh yes!  Another buzz for me was I finally managed to convince myself that my Swiss Ball would NOT burst if I sat on it.  I did a set of some bioenergetic exercises on it last week to help open me up.  Next mission on the Swiss Ball is to trust even more and to turn over so I’m on my tummy and do the exercise in reverse.