<160 baby!

1st smallfeather

We did it – We did it – Yeah!


I feel so impressed and proud of myself.  What an achievement.  I’ve now shed 46.1kg of FAT.  Wow!  92lbs people. 92lbs. I’m starting to believe that I can achieve this transformation without bariatric surgery.  I’ll look into any possible funding to skin removal maybe Dec 2017.   I am feeling so good about myself.  I’m no longer a doormat for other peoples unwillingness to do what it takes to improve their lives.  I am feeling confident and more self assured that I will continue the momentum I’ve built particularly since the 21st of Dec 2016, and step up for myself in all situations where I’m put down now.

I have a R.E.A.L chance of making something out of my life.  I have a R.E.A.L chance at being able to achieve my lifelong dreams of creating a healing clinic that offers – way more than what most in this world have allowed themselves to see.

Of course, it’s been a team effort and on that note:

Kaiwhakaora Kai

GI – K

Te katakata Rā

You’re just as much in this waka as I am – thank you