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With the timing of Summer pretty much a month away, it’s almost time to put my slow cooker back in the cupboard for another year.  I’ve felt a need to change my dinner choices for a few weeks now.  Being the creature of repetition that I am, I do not have a large repertoire of dinner ideas to choose from.  And largely, I need it to be like that.  Too much choice puts me in overwhelm, I shut down, I’ll eat food that’s quick to cook ie fried or sandwiches.  I don’t want to be doing this for much longer.

This morning I decided the time is right.  I’ve been browsing the Health Food Guide website and am currently feeling proud of myself.  I have ‘discovered’ some one dish recipes that won’t break my actual food budget AND contain ingredients that I actually like!  I’m quite excited.  Also, on the HFG site, there are some downloads available in pdf to print out.  One of them is a 7-day meal planner that I am going to get printed out tomorrow when I’m in town.  I’ll get a few copies printed out for me.  This will greatly help me achieve something in a very logical way AND at a pace that I can manage.

I am hell bent on making these dishes in the coming days or weeks.  Some of these recipes I’ll need to change the ingredient volume for just myself etc:  Shakshuka : Smokin Spanish Beans : Dreamy Dahl : Spicy Sausage Bake : Chicken & white bean stew – woop!  Have’t felt this excited about my food choices for a while.  Am about to make a shopping list for mid-week.  I already have a lot of the ingredients required.

NewsFlash: I’ve given up Meadowlea (a butter substitute – not quite margarine status) and I’ve almost cut my bread consumption by half and I’m eating chicken x3 a fortnight instead of practically every freaking night.