Pita Pit

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This entry came about resulting from a conversation Kaiwhakaora Kai and I had on the 16/09/16 regarding lunch and cafe like food.  I’m clueless.  Actually, no.  What’s more accurate is I see healthy food in cafe cabinets or on menu’s etc and I go for what’s comfortable.  For what’s always been.  Now before I get into it, food portion is a psychological warfare with me.  I’m sure I’m not alone there regardless where one sits on the disordered eating continuum.

So back to healthy food and cafes, if I were to choose a healthy option for lunch it would surely taste terrific however psychologically there simply would not be enough of it to satisfy that psychological hunger.  My body still believes it needs fat in fries or pies.  My mind still believes that we can’t survive unless we’re full on eating.

Kaiwhakaora Kai gave me a Conscious Eating for the Lunch Environment handout which I can only read in parts as it is so huge sounding.  I also shared about my Drive Thru fetish and how I survive not having to deal with tides of people by simply using the KFC or McDonalds Drive Thru facilities.  I also get to miss the scornful and unproductive looks from others.  AND I get to eat alone, uninterrupted and in silence.

Kaiwhakaora Kai asked me about the Pita Pit and had I been.  Short answer “No – I’ve wanted to go since moving here and first seeing them”.  She then went on to explain to me that a person can actually order online, pay for it and then go pick it up.  That blew my brains out.  Sure, no Drive Thru so I’d have to risk perhaps a lot of people however I’ve wanted to go to Pita Pit for 4 years and haven’t been able to walk through to the doors.  And I could order and pay for it online so all I had to do was to drive there and pick my order up.

Yesterday was African Drumming class night.  I was building up the anxiety of not wanting to go to McDonalds after class, or KFC and I didn’t want to make anything at home before I left to take for after class cos I would have eaten it on the drive there.  Raking my brains I thought of Pita Pit and looked them up online.  Wowza!  This is what I ordered (I blacked out my contact details):


A person can even choose what time they want their order to be ready to be picked up!  So I chose 6pm seeing that class was 6:30pm.  Off I headed.  I felt so excited about my new fast food fix.  I got there and the place was empty.  Phew!  Wowza.  The Chicken and Falafel Pita was scrumptious.  Oh and the Beetroot set it all up very nicely.  There was no conscious eating happening in my car outside of class.  It was like a fireworks display of taste.  Man I can’t wait for my next one.

I can’t wait to share with Kaiwhakaora Kai my huge step either.