Fat surroundings

1st smallfeather

I feel good about having had some energy to expend on my house and Maj.  I cleaned and tidied my whare on Monday.  I couldn’t have allowed people to enter when they came over for Princess Lama Obama (the new lamb) had I not cleaned up.  Today is Weds and you’d think I’ve had war occur in here over the last 2 days.  I need assistance to help me understand how this is occurring.  Is the dissociation out of control or even out of context?  I feel like I just want to bury myself some days.

Perhaps that’s what it’s all about – bury myself in stuff – barricade myself in so that I can’t move.  Kind’ve makes sense in terms of the weight loss.  I lose 42kg’s worth of fat which is noticeable to even me now and then I find myself having to barricade myself in – cover my body up only this time, not in fat – in my surroundings.  Interesting psychology a.