204 kg – Feb, 2015

1st smallfeather

Tidying up papers etc in my filing cases a few nights ago I came across letters written by the Respiratory Specialist I was under during the later part of 2014 into 2015.  One of the letters was to my GP and written in February it talked about my weight being 204kg.

All this means in the bigger scheme of things is, it wasn’t the 13th of Jan 2015 as I have thought it was, when I hit 204kg.  It was Feb.   Having lost 41.2 kg since Feb is around 17 months.  17 divided by 41.2 gave me around 2.4.  That would suggest that on average, I’m losing 2.4 kg a month.  Just over .5kg per week.

Considering the massive amount of change that’s taken place especially surrounding food options, I am surprised at .5kg per week.  I am so wanting an exercycle here at home.  I have been unsuccessful at finding one that will take my weight.  They all seem to have a weight restriction of around 120kg.  Pisses me off.  Being carless, I’m not getting to the gym as often as I want to.  I’m lucky in fact, if I can get there once a week.

Gonna do some serious research re an exercycle that will take my weight.  It’s gonna include talking to people … not one of my strong points – using the telephone, that is.