weight: up and down

1st smallfeather

I am so hungry.  I swear I could eat the entire contents of what’s on that BBQ below.


Have felt quite stressed about choosing an appropriate car for myself for the next 10 or so years.  Seriously, if you’ve never shopped for a car (or been a tight arse with money) you have no idea what it’s like.  I’ve experienced stress due to fearing I’d miss out.  I’ve experienced stress due to fear about making a rash purchase – and – the complete opposite as in saying to myself “fuck it – I’ll just buy anything and be done with it!”.  I’ve wanted to spend a shit load of money on this car just so I can buy a car and be done with it.  I’ve wanted to let go of a life long dream to visit Ha Long Bay in Vietnam that I’d been planning for the sake of spending all my money on a freaking car just to be done with it.  Stress.

And of course, with 24/7 stress comes very little sleep and when I’m awake more often than not during a 24 hour period, I tend to eat – especially when I’m so bored out of my mind and can’t bear to look at a one more car online.

With all that said, I still managed a weight loss within a week.  My last official weigh in was the 28th June, 163.9kg.  Then Kaiwhakaora Kai and I were unable to see each other for some weeks due to our schedules.  On the 26th of July I was at the same place where I meet Kaiwhakaora Kai and after my appointment I decided to get on the scales to see where I was.  I wished I hadn’t!  164.8kg.  What bummed me out about the gain in weight was that it showed me that I need the lively support of Kaiwhakaora Kai regularly.  I had hoped to be able to show her the following week, how well I’d done considering we’d not seen each other in a month.  That wasn’t gonna happen and I experienced quite a bit of sadness and guilt.

So, on the 2nd of August I met with Kaiwhakaora Kai and as I was walking into the building I saw the Respiratory Physio beginning her day.  Oh man!  It was so great to see her!  We hugged and held hands and verbally admired one another!  Gawd it was funny.  And get this … she told me I had great legs.  Wow!  I have never been told I have great legs – never!  And naturally I told her that her pins were in pretty good shape too.

Man that was such a lift to see her.  And my day got better and better … I am now 162.8kg.  I’ve lost 41.2kg.