Porridge update

1st smallfeather

Breakfasts continue to be a massive internal battle.  The most success I’ve had has been with the increasingly expensive Up’n’Go.  I am tempted to write to Sanitarium and ask if they would sponsor me a years supply to assist my food journey.

More out of desperation than anything else, I submitted to making a single serving of Porridge.  Have been crook yet again – a flare up of Glandular Fever and then Friday a chest infection developed.  I swear that had I turned the lights off early hours this morning as I coughed up gunk, it would have glowed in the dark!  Fascinated.

ANYways – this is about breakfast.  I made a bowl of Porridge. It’s crap.  I’ve added the usual Raisins cos I like those, and they do help get another spoonful of Porridge down my ever protesting gob.  Needed something else – I thought.  I was wrong.  I’ve been given a heap of suggestions re Porridge so I gave a couple of them a shot:

Adding a few drops of Vanilla essence … meh.

Adding Cinnamon … meh.

So I’ve made up some more yoghurt – this time I’m doing the Greek with Coconut bits through it.  I did enjoy the Yoplait Pineapple and Coconut yoghurt with the Porridge 3 weeks back however because it was so delicious, I was unable to allow myself to have any more of it.  WTF is that – right?