Breakfast barf

1st smallfeather

It’s been over 15 minutes since I finished the last spoonful of porridge, and so far so good.  It’s stayed down.  I’m sitting here in an attempt to continue to distract myself from how my body is reacting (over-reacting?) to having eaten food substance for breakfast.  I was doing okay until I realised I’d broken out in sweats.  Now I’m here.

The way I carry on sometimes in relation to the difficulties I have with food, you’d be forgiven for believing that I’m anorexic.  Especially with how my body will violently react to food stuffs – healthy food stuffs, including eating breakfast.

[1.5 hours later]: My beloved cat and I went out walking.  I can’t believe how ill I still feel.  Like something from the pit of my gut needs to expel itself with force.  I will hold off from eating food for breakfast for a few days.  Since Jan 2015 I have been mostly alternating between a hot chocolate or an Up’n’Go for breakfast.  Depends largely on the price of Up’n’Go as to how many I buy.  I have no trouble swallowing liquid for breakfast, so it’ll be back to that.

Yesterday morning I ate a Banana for breakfast and I noticed how different I felt about half an hour later.  I actually felt happy from the inside out. Ah – that’s what I haven’t yet shared here.  I.bought.fruit.  I know.  I could have warned you first!  Alas, now that you’ve scooped yourselves up off the floor from shock, I want to tell you that  I know right? The brown skinned ones.  I found an online place and because they’re not too far from me they only need to charge $6 per rural delivery.  I bought 1/2 box of veges and 1/2 box of fruit.  I also bought 1/2 doz eggs.  I’m not that thrilled with the 1/2 box veges, however the fruit quantity and quality is very good AND having fruit in the house is novel to me AND because I have not had to physically go out and examine fruit, compare prices etc cos all I gotta do is tick a damn box online, the actual stress of then eating the fruit has been somewhat eliminated.

Fuck.  My cat just vomited. Seems the both of us are having trouble keeping breakfast foods down today.