I can walk

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[written on the 23rd July]: That Mrs Fluffy Bottoms of mine simply amazes me.  Two nights go, she continually woke me up by pressing her cold nose into my cheek or eye socket.  Feeling the coldness myself I kept lifting the blankets thinking she was wanting to hop into bed with me and get warm.  Nope.  She was either wanting to smooch all over me or go for a walk out into the paddocks.

Mrs Fluffy Bottoms and I have been night walking – not every night, however most nights for around a week now.  She loves the adventure and the different night smells.  I just love being able to walk under the stars.  The issue Mrs Fluffy Bottoms and I are having with one another is that she wants to go night exploring in the neighbours paddocks.  Day time, I’m way okay with that because I can see where I’m going! Mrs Fluffy Bottoms doesn’t care about that! She does not realise that just because she can see, I can’t!  So, at the moment we’re on a sort of truce where we walk the paddocks around home because they are more familiar to me even in the dark.  I have told Mrs Fluffy Bottoms (and myself) that it’s now time to buy a head lamp strap light thing like cavers and miners wear.  That way I will be able to head off out into the wop wops of unfamiliar territory with the Mrs Fluffy Bottoms at night – especially come Summer with all that drop dead gorgeousness that is space and night sky and stars galore!  Here’s a link to the sort of Head gadget I am looking for.

This morning I woke up around 6:20am.  After spending too much time in bed one morning this week just gone and ending up with quite a nasty lower back ache because of it, I just got straight up before my “oh woe is me” stuff got a chance to kick in and begin dictating how I was going to spend my weekend with the Mrs Fluffy Bottoms.

I pulled on yesterdays gym wear, grabbed the rubbish from the kitchen and together Mrs Fluffy Bottoms and I headed off on an awesome adventure.  We explored new to us terrain.  And, I left my freaking camera at home! I scaled a fence line like a crab, holding on for life due to the boggy conditions in one of the paddocks. Mrs Fluffy Bottoms, my hero, tenderly jumped from mini island to mini island.  She gave up many times.  And many times I went back and continued to encourage her until she got through some scary boggy terrain.

And then we were free to explore two parts of one paddock that Mrs Fluffy Bottoms and I had never ventured to before.  It was awesome! AND I watched the sun come up over the Pine trees across from us.  AND, the Moon was still in all her glory to the West as the Sun shone up from the East – AND, I left my bloody camera at home!

When we got to the top, I opened a gate that led into our neighbours down the road paddocks and I felt anxious about walking on their property because I hadn’t asked them.  I will make a point of doing that this week coming.  I will also let them know come Summer that if / when they see a strong beam of light during darkness in their paddocks it will only be Mrs Fluffy Bottoms and I out stargazing.  Ya know, just in case I get shot.  OMG – I could even take the tent and spend a night out there from time to time if neighbours down the road were okay with me and Mrs Fluffy Bottoms being on their property.

Mrs Fluffy Bottoms was just having so much fun.  She didn’t run around as much as she did out last adventure during the week.  I am quite confident that she had a terrific time all the same.  We walked a circuit from the chook paddock, up to the top of the cow paddock, through a gate into neighbours down the road territory, then along the track that connects many of neighbours down the road paddocks on the left and right sides.  We smiled and said hello to my landlords sheep in their paddock as we walked by – they were surprised to see us all the way up there!  Even Roger Ramjet seemed shocked to see a human and a Mrs Fluffy Bottoms.

We came down the rise and through another paddock that comes in two paddocks behind my place and then through another gate down through a paddock that eventually leads out through a gate, into my driveway.  Mrs Fluffy Bottoms was fucked – and so was I. I had no idea what the time was.  Felt like we’d been gone for around 3 hours.  I moved Emmalyne (goat) around – I’ll go back down later on tonight and shift her house closer to where I moved her.  I was too fucked to shift her house too.  I heard the mail arrive and I asked Mrs Fluffy Bottoms if she had it in her to make it to the letterbox before heading home.  She looked at me and just kept walking up our drive.  That was a big fat no.  She didn’t have the energy for another bank climb through bush to get to the letter box and then come up our landlords driveway before getting to our whare.

I was glad about that.  I barely had enough energy by the time I kicked my boots off to wash my hands before feeding Mrs Fluffy Bottoms. Sigh.  I’ve since showered, and done some light housework. Mrs Fluffy Bottoms is tucked up in bed, knackered.  She’ll sleep all day and most of the night.

Oh – you know how long we were out for this morning?  2.5 hours.  Mrs Fluffy Bottoms and I left at 6:45am.  Got home at 9:15am.  That was a fucking outstanding adventure.  Next time – I am taking my camera – so long as it’s not raining, just in case our “quick walk around the chook paddock” turns into another full on adventure.

Yes ladies and gents, I can walk.  And I am awesome.  I am losing a shit load of weight.  I am feeling confident in my body again.  I am hating my body less and less and replacing that hatred I’ve held towards my body for decades, with a newfound sense of amazement for all the wonderful things this body of mine can do.  I’m loving it – the journey.  I’m working on loving my body … I can confidently say, I love my body a heap more than what I ever have in my entire life.  I’m just not quite at that station where I can fully love and appreciate my body. Yet.