37 1kg blocks of cheese

1st smallfeather

During 1994-95 I lost half my body weight. The sad thing about it was that I had no awareness of what I then looked like. I kept buying clothes that were too large. I’d take them back and exchange them for smaller sizes. It just never sunk in how much weight I’d lost. By 1996, I was double my size plus some.

I weighed in last week. I have now lost 37 kg

Something creative I came up with to help me come to a better understanding of what the weight loss looks like to me ie a visual on it, I took a photo of the cheese at Pak’n’Save yesterday.  I’ve marked out 36 1kg blocks.  That’s, what it looks like …. Wow.

22042016-Fri 001

My current weight rounded up is 168 kg