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Maybe 2 years ago a Diabetes Nurse informed me that with a HbA1c of 47 mmol/l, I had become pre-diabetic. After discussions and emails between the us both I decided to hold off going down the  Metformin route instead opting to see whether or not I could reorganise my food choices. I was already seeing Kai Whakaorakai and together we nutted out some strategies to help bring that number down.

Unfortunately, due to my then Coca-Cola addiction AND refusal to drink Coke Zero, my next HbA1c result 3 months later was now in the 50’s. I’d become the expected statistic and had attracted Diabetes Type 2. 3 months after that test my next result was higher again.  The highest result has been 59 mmol/l.  Determined I could bring my HbA1c result down without the use of medication I made the switch to Coke Zero. 3 months later I had a reading of 57 mmol/l.


During the next 3 months alongside consultation with a Dr, I came off a medicine I’d been taking for many years and I made some terrific food choices.  I replaced mainstream bread with Pita Bread. Began making Hummus packed with Garlic so stopped using Meadowlea. Switched from Colby to Edam Cheese. I found the courage to step inside a wholefoods store and bought a heap of various beans and lentils.  I have been unable to go back into that store however am currently buying legumes from a supermarket that I can manage being in reasonably comfortably.  The next big thing I did was to actually pull into a vege market on the side of a State Highway and buy vegetables. Way cheaper than any supermarket AND – this threw me, the vegetables tasted way nicer than supermarket bought. I have been able to continue going to this particular vege market mostly on a weekly basis. I am so proud of myself for having been able to manage this one in particular as I spent a year building up the courage to pull into this particular market. I was driving past it twice a week!

October 2015 my HbA1c dropped to 44 mmol/l. The Nurse and I did a happy girl dance in the consult room. When I told her of all the changes I’d Incorporated within the last 3 months she was blown away. Fuck I felt happy with myself. Not only was I consistently losing weight when so many assured me I’d be unable to because I was in excess of 200 kg when I began, I was also responsible for bringing my HbA1c result down.

I had blood work done yesterday. My HbA1c came back at 40 mmol/l.