Portion control

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I’m down 200 gm since last weigh in.  So pleased I managed to pull my head in and lose the attitude I mentioned previously as my ‘old friend’. That was a rather fretful few weeks regarding my disordered eating running rampant.  I feared I was going to put back on the 32kg I’ve shed plus some.

One of the things that Kaiwhakaora Kai mentioned was for me to go back to Up’n’Go – it’s a protein packed liquid breakfast that Sanitarium produce.  I stopped buying the product because I was consuming it whenever I felt like it instead of being able to leave it in the fridge until morning / breakfast time.  I also had been buying Up’n’Go in the 1 litre amounts as it worked out a lot cheaper per 250ml serve than buying a x3 pack of 250ml Up’n’Go.  Again – no self control.  Impulse was to drink it fast.

However.  Something has changed because for 3 weeks now I have bought Up’n’Go in the 1 litre capacity AND I am managing to stop at 1 250ml serve AND I’m having Up’n’Go for breakfasts only.  I have felt so happy about this “new me” thing going on.

I have also been able to relax my disordered and compulsive need to pile up my plate otherwise I’ll starve mentality. I am still eating a lot more than what more body actually requires yet I’m making steady progress on gradually decreasing the need for extra food at dinner.  Overall I’m not that concerned as I’m mainly eating vegetables in some tomato based curry these days.

Another example of how I’m seeing the world of eating with clearer eyes is I’ve cut down on the amount of Hummus I use per serve.  How did that happen?  Well, I was a bit wonky after therapy a few weeks back and my therapist gave me some crackers with maybe a teaspoon if that, of Hummus on each cracker.  They were delicious!  And that’s how I learned that I do not actually have to practically “ice” my crackers with Hummus to achieve the desired effect.  I’m very thrilled.

I drink 2.25 litres of Coke Zero most weeks, generally on a Friday night.   That’s an entire 2.25 litre bottle in ONE night.  Not anymore I don’t.  For the first time in MY entire LIFE I was able to have a bottle of Coke Zero in my fridge which I simply had a glass of here and there over the weekend. And you know what?  I still had Coke Zero in the fridge come that Monday.  I felt so thrilled and happy that I had achieved that with very little thought to it.  And I’m doing it again this weekend.

Gaining a control over my Chicken intake is going to be very difficult. I’m in a very bad habit whenever Chicken is concerned.  I demolished x3 cooked Chickens over 3 consecutive nights a few weeks back.  And, I.did.not.care.