Weighing in

1st smallfeather

174 kg exactly

Down 30 kg since January 2015, although for some reason many of the weigh in’s have not appeared on the graph. Perhaps Kaiwhakaorakai did not record those weigh ins. Graphed, it looks like this:


This morning I tried on clothes that I haven’t dared to put over my head in a very long time. I actually noticed the difference for the first time in a tangible way.  Feeling pretty great to have clothes that got so freaking tight, now be so freaking loose.

I am working hard at U-Kinetics most training days. I find the bicycle very difficult to manage in terms of the seat in relation to that part of my body.  Triggers the fuck out of me some days and then other days when a trainer comes and chats with me I get through the 17 minutes easy as.

Over the Christmas holiday period I plan to spend as much time outside gardening and walking around as much as possible. Well, that’s the plan if the weather ever makes like Summer. My neighbours lit their fire 3 or 4 nights back. I would have done exactly the same had the Christmas tree that my moko and I created and decorated hadn’t been placed (by me) right in front of the wood burner!

Be safe each and every day out on the road.  Remain vigilant.