1st smallfeather

Nov 1st: Another day to celebrate.  I have been discharged from Respiratory Services.  All going well, I will be able to come off the inhalers in 12 months time too.  I am so thrilled with my progress, as is the RNP and Resp.Nurse.  We all shed tears as I told the team that for the first time in 10 years, I’ve had warm feet this winter because I could actually reach down now to put socks on.  We all shed tears after I told them that I can tie up shoe laces now so I will never have to wear crocs over winter again.  We all shed tears when I told them that I’ve lost 24 kg and that I’d also been discharged from Mental Health Services.

2nd Nov: Had a meeting with Kaiwhakaora Kai. We were unable to do a weigh in because the room was being used for something else, however because I’d been weighed the day before I was able to pass that information over to Kaiwhakaora Kai.  I now weigh 180.2 kg.

My next appointment with Kaiwhakaora Kai is on the 17th.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing what my weight is on the 17th.  It has been a very long time since I’ve been under 180 kg.