I tied the knot after 10 years

1st smallfeather

Up until last week, there was something that many of my closest friends had never known about me: The reason I have been wearing slip on shoes ie Crocs and Jandals for the last 10+ years has been because I’ve been unable to reach my feet in order to tie laces.  I’ve also been unable to put socks on.

I can do both now.  Just sayin.  And I text messaged Kaiwhakaora Kai letting her know the day I discovered I could tie laces on my shoes AND put socks on again!  I had a little cry to myself about having discovered this.

It’s been a long time.  It is so wonderful having the luxury of warm feet again. Hah – and dry feet!  Oh – another first for me – I was able to get my Gumboots on this year too.  My calves had been too fat to fit into my Gumboots.  Not now baby!

You know, the last time I can recall having been able to tie my shoe laces was when I lived in Christchurch between 1999-2003’ish.